There are multiple reasons why your card may be declined. If you continue to have trouble consider using a Paypal or Apple Pay account if you have one.

Here are a few things to check if your credit card will not process.

  1. Is your billing address correct? Make sure you use the address that is on your credit card billing statement.
  2. Is your street name a number? Spell out the street name instead. Example: 123 Tenth St. instead of 123 10th St.
  3. Are you over your credit limit?
  4. Do you have a daily limit?
  5. Are you trying to make a purchase from outside the United States? If so the transaction will automatically be declined.
  6. Is the issuing bank in the United States? We do not accept International credit cards.
  7. Have you tried multiple times to process your card? To prevent "bot" style transactions our system will automatically decline after a set number of attempts.