This is a common problem but the good news is most of the time you do indeed have all the hardware. Here are a couple of very important tips.

  1. Do not throw the box or packing materials away! Hardware is stuffed in all sorts of locations and we have had many customers throw hardware away. Go through everything in extreme detail.
  2. What you think you are missing might not be missing at all. Often times hardware is reused that is already present on the vehicle. Don't assume a screw or bolt you take off during installation is not to be reused and put back on the vehicle.
  3. Some hardware components are very tiny. Before installing your product put these tiny pieces in a bowl to avoid losing them.
  4. When in doubt read the instructions. Instructions can be found on the product pages you ordered from. Page 1 of the instructions will provide you a parts list of the hardware that should be included with your product.
  5. If all else fails simply give us a call or submit a support ticket.

Example of a parts list from the installation instructions.